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Ignition Key warning

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How can I stop the bell from ringing when I leave the ignition key in my Tacoma? I like to leave door open and hate the Ding ding ding. I am about ready to put in on a charger and let the bell wear our. My Chevy has a module that I removed.
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Find the little speaker or lead that goes to it and pull it out.
what happens if u forget and lock ur keys inside.......many years of consumer studies and ergonomics have gone into developing that annoying reminder beep....:D
You cannot lock the keys inside with the power locks. There is a safety invlovewd. I can't find the bell/piezo to disconnect.
If you are just talking about certain times.... like... when you are working on your car or something.... just tape down the sensor on the door. Don't know if it will work on your truck... but it's worth a try. Make it think that the door is shut.
Same reason why they " your door is ajar" "the key is in the ignition"
or cut the wires to the switch on your door. thats what I did. but tape them up to make sure they dont ground out . that gets really annoying over bumpy roads....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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