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does the engine turn at all when you hit the starter? if not it could be a relay that was damaged. could be alot of things depending on what exactly happened. how high was the water?what type of truck? what engine? did it just die and never start again? does the engine turn if you try to crank it by hand by the crank pulley with a 19mm socket? when you say turn over you mean the starter wont turn the engine right? if thjats the case id check all your connections for corrosion and possibly replace your cables. there is one wire on the relay box that has to have positive battery to it or it will not crank it will run but once you trurn the truck off it will not start. look at the service manual. if the water was up over the hood it could have damaged alot of things that could be corroded. if it got in your ecu id say its probabally screwed also. the ecu is under the glovebox behind the kickplate where the right leg of the passenger would be inside the cab (22re) check your wiring and invest in a $20 ohm/volt meter to test the starter and make sure its getting juice from the battery when you hit the switch. if not id start with the ignition switch. check fuses also. ive also know parts store to sell bad parts that dont work also. have em test the starter and battery too. im just spitting out ideas but i really couldnt tell you exactly what it is based on what i know and the fact i cant physicly test it myself. anyways let me know what kind of test you do and your results and ill try to help you a little more. good luck.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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