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Ignition switch as 12V source?

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Why not use the correct +12V source that is already provided at the ECU connector? All the signals you need are in the 3 plugs used for the stock ECU. If you are putting a standalone ECU on the car, you will want to put it there in place of the stock one anyway...

Because everything else would be useless, the original ECU would still power the automatic transmission, but everything else will be replaced (every sensor, ect.)

And I was planning on hiding the standalone in the glovebox... :\

So anybody know a place I could tap? :D
Almost everything in my first reply still stands. Use the wires that go to the ECU for power... All the other signals you will be using are there anyway, then just run the wires up to where the need to be in the glove box.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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