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Ignition Switch Stuck in off Position

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My ignition switch has stuck and the key will not work anymore, I was going to try to replace the ignition switch but can't get the old one out. The manual say's it has to be in the acc position to get the switch out.
Can you drill the tumblers out , or will this cause more problems.

It is a 91 Toyota P/U 4 cylinder

Any help on would be appreciated .
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some times i get my ignition stuck when im cleaning my interior and move the shifter to "L" or some other gear like R, D or 2. maybe you might have overlooked it, because the key locks up if youre in gear... or maybe im the only dumbass that made this mistake... :)
have you tried wriggling the steering wheel while trying to turn.. other than that just try pulling the key out and putting it back in again... i have that problem occasionally... the barrel is on the way out and sometimes the key does not push the stops up enough, or they get stuck up, locking the barrel
1.Move the wheel around
2.Make sure the car is in Park
3.Pull it out and put it back in.
I forgot to mention it is a 5 speed Manual shift. I have tried to wiggle the sterring wheel also another key and still cannot get it to work. My wife told me her key would not work in it last week, so I tried my key it worked 1 time and then it would not work again. So I decided it would be bad to be stranded trying to get the key to work. So I decided to try to change the switch out, I think some of the tumblers are stuck, I even tried to put some WD-40 in it to see if it would free them up.

Thanks for all the Help, I will keep trying !

wow... good luck
Got it !

It took a couple of hours to get the lock cylinder out. It was a mess, I bet there were a million pieces. There were metal shavings everywhere. I first used a drill and drilled out as much as I could without damaging the housing that holds the cylinder. Then I used a rotary die grinder with a small metal grinding bit to get the rest out. I was very careful not to damage the cylinder housing. Then I used a pair of needle nose plires hammer and small chisle to get the pieces out as I loosened them up with the grinder.
You can bet if I ever have a switch hanging up again like this I will change it out . I wasn't sure it could even be done this way but it can but I would not recommend it. But then again what other options are there. The new cylinder was easy to put in and take out as long as you put it in the acc position. It comes out very easy, just like the book says. I had to try it once I got it in.

Thanks for all responses!
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