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I'll start

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Hi all.... GS430 '06. :D

Just did a fill up. 28.5mpg and the dash reads 28.6mpg, not bad. Will head to the dealer soon for 100k checkup. So far, no problem and no recall on my car.
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omg, u r stalking me? LOL
omg, u r stalking me? LOL
no I restarted my blog and I talked about long road trips, you replied you always look for a mcdonalds LOL
^ haha. And I do, McDonald is like the holy grail when you need to go... and rest stops. :)
Beautiful ! The engine bay is immaculate. You musta detailed it with a toothbrush!:lol:
I really like the pic with the new snow. :thumbsup:
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^ I've give up on the engine bay. I hardly open the hood and the important 'stuffs' are covered. So dust can freely form on those plastic for all I care. :D

Here is pic WITH the snow.. :lol:
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:lol: It's a snow mobile.
Sorry for the long story. If you want to skip the story, skip to the last paragraph.

I was driving on the highway, doing about 50mph (traffic) when all of a certain a beep and all the lights were ON. Warning everything, battery, traction, etc etc. Lost the power steering and power brake too.

Pulled over onto the side at the merge on, give lots of room for idiot not to hit me. When I brake the tire locked create a burning smell. Amazing how 10mph and the wheel can still lock with only manual brake. I turn off the engine, everything shut off just fine. Steering wheel pulled in just like it suppose to.

Start the car again. It was having a bit problem starting but it started. All warning came back. Steering wheel is not extending, no power steering or power brake either. So I decided to limp to the next exit and turn back. The next exit was miles away. Pulled into the exit, on the local road all the speedo and rpm and all other meters went out. The car was shaking. I went into the turn lane trying to make a U turn. At the red light EVERYTHING things died completely. The emergency flashes both side, now one side went out. I'm not even sure the light flashes in the back but it flashes on the display only the right side.

Pop the trunk to let ppl know my car is dead. The emergency light is out so a wide open trunk would be the best indication. I don't want to open my hood cause I want to at least have some visibility in the front. Oddly some ppl honk and stuff. Genius, like I could do anything.

The cop came, I told him what's going on. He said to put my car in Neutral and steer it to a near by fire department, he'll push using his car. I showed a bit of concern that it'll scratch my car, he said it won't scratch. So I pop in the car and tried to put in Neutral. It won't move. Press button, it won't turn ON. The cop bump me from behind. I raised my hand show I'm not ready. The cop turn on his loud speaker said "Put it in neutral". I tried to pop the cap to get to the button but it didn't work. The cop bump AGAIN. I raised my hand again, and again he use his loud speaker to said put into neutral. I got out of my car to go tell him, than he said on his loud speaker "What are you doing!!!". Geeeezzzzzzzz. He got out of his car and was pissed at me. I explain I have to get to the button to bypass the shift lock. He didn't understand. Another cop came and ask for my key. LOL Give him my key, he got in and tried. Nothing. Than I explain to both that the cap beside it has a bypass button. He tried with his knife for awhile and got the cap pop up. Put in neutral and the cop push into the parking lot of the fire department.

The cop said to check my bumper that he didn't scratch it, I didn't care at that point. A minor scratch I can deal with. I thank him and he was on his way. Called my brother to come rescue me. Called my mechanic and he said probably the alternator was shot. So, a fresh charged battery will temporally do.

Told my brother, he went to get the new battery. and I had nothing to do so I removed the old battery. He came and pop in the battery. Everything was peachy again. The two right windows refuse to roll up using my driver switch. Steering wheel won't extend like it used to do. But have power steering and power brake again. I limped home without emergency flash or anything that I don't need. Have to save that battery but the car didn't give any indication that anything was wrong. LOL No battery light or anything.

so................... there is my embarrassing moment. Nothing been done to the car to cause the alternator problem. Just the day before, I removed my booster pack from it usually place in the trunk for charging too. LOL But it wouldn't have helped. Booster pack battery is pretty small to replace the car main battery.
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