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illinois/chicago meet

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illinois/chicago meet- sunday august 22nd

hey guys whats up?

we are in the process of organizing a meet sometime late this month or early august.
we started off having just a solara meet, but we want to extend to all toyota/scion meet, to get more people to come out. it is planned to be in the schaumburg area since it is easy for the majority of people. ill have more details later. but please post if you are interested.

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I'll be interested, all of u that attend might be able to help me out on what repairs that I need on this Camry.
cool, anyone else??

well i'm in chicago and glendale heights so shamburg is in my area. i'm down with a meet. weather pending of course. maybe i can get someone to help install my glow gauges :D
yea i'm down, located in the schaumburg area.

if you guys want, i heading to hooters by woodfield mall on wednesday night around 9-9:30pm. there is a cars meet there and i'm meeting up with a celica owner.

My fiancé and I should be there. Has anyone hashed out the plan for the meet yet? Like what are we doing? I happen to know that Chicago has some great pizza places :D.

I'll talk to my brother and see if he wants to drive up there in his AE92 also.
as of right now it is set up just to be a get together, there are plenty of places around schaumburg to eat if that is what we decide. the place i was thinking was the top of the parking garage next to the loews theatre. all i am waiting for is the date and time from micheal so i can pass it on to u guys. cool

yea, would really like to see this happening. will pass info on to matrixowners forum when it is up again

I don't know if I could pull that one off... late July/Early August is pretty much booked. If anyone is interested, there's autocross at the Rockford Speedway on August 1st that I'll be at. I'll actually be in Illinois that entire weekend, but it's for a family reunion, so I don't think I could dip out for a meet unless maybe, just MAYBE it was Friday the 30th.

Edit: If any of you are planning on making it to the meet in Niagara, you should either PM me or hit me up on AIM: Green3VZ

the date is set for either august 21st(after 3) or the 22nd(after 1). plans so far are to meet up( parking garage at loews theatre) and then go eat(undecided place, but chinese buffet). thats all i have for now.

sounds good to me.

i'm spreading the word around to other toyota forums that i'm in. so this can have more people to show up.

I'm up for a meet.
Let me know what date & time.
Anybody want to get together Saturday July 24th? HIN Chicago is that weekend and I'll be up there.
bring some matrix's out, i always liked them. my car will be in HIN so stop by and say whats up

well i'll bring mine to the meet but not to the HIN. too many battles with the ramps and stuff that damage my oem kit.

I don't think I'll go to HIN either.
Tickets are +$20, to see cars that I can see parked at most malls or local meets.
sounds good so far i might show up to HIN. silversolora you got a picture of your car i can see so i can recongize it easier if i do attend HIN

the date will be sunday august 22nd at noon. i believe we will meet at the top floor of loews parking garage. if worse comes to worse we can move the location since there are plenty of places around woodfield.

ok cool

Well I'll be up at Elkhart Lake for the ALMS race, so thats a no for me :D
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