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im a neebee

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hello there im new to the site just found it on the net, i drive a gen 6 and gotta be honest best car iv had so far, been meaning to get reg on a few sites so thought id start ere,
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my ride

ok ill try lol but dunno if it gonna work, basicaly it totally standard at the mo, only had it 6mths so my main goal was to sort out my sounds lol

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Nothing wrong with with stock, your car is straight and clean. Very nice looking ride.
Are your rims stock? They look thinner than the ones I have from the '94 Celica. Maybe it's an illusion because yours are painted black on the sides?
Here's a pic for comparison:
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think they are the same as yours as far as im aware there the standard ones, i had to paint them black on the insides as when i got the car the wheels were badly corroded and so painted them black as a temp measure, im plannin on puttin on 17s or 18s just lookin for second handones at the mo so that i can refub them myself, thanks i think my car is fairly clearn for its age no rust or anythin which is allways good lol
Nice car and very well kept .

Welcome on board and keep posting
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