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I'm a newb with a 7th gen corolla.

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Just saying hi from Canada.

Recently purchased a 7th gen corolla as a winter beater. Then i found this site and what people are doing with them. Had no idea that they were such a big thing in other parts of the world and the aftermarket parts that are out for them it's crazy.

Mine isnt in the greatest shape i mean it is straight paint is "ok " just some scratches here and there. But the motor is strong it's a 5spd, i think come spring there will be some mods to be had and i will be looking for another winter beater the following winter.

Anyways enough jibber jabber, look forward to meeting yall especially the ones with 7 gens :)!
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:welcome: to the nation! Any questions about the forums just ask....:thumbsup:
Welcome to the forums! :hi:

I own a 7th Gen Corolla too. You'll no doubt see my posts scattered through the 7th Gen forum. The amount of different topics in there is huge, so you'll be armed with all the information you'll ever need :). Check out the DIY sticky at the top of that forum as it also contains some excellent info. Feel free to post some shots of your Corolla sometime :thumbsup:

See you around :chug:
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