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Im back

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Hey back and i hav a question.....lately when i start my truck ('93 toyota 4x4) it runs about 2000rpm like normal and warms up but now even when it is warn it is still running at a high rpm, either 2000 1500 or 1200 ish, when i take it up to 3000 it goes to normal idel at 750 but when i accelerate it sticks at one of the 3 rpms, if i turn the truck off and restart it when it is warm it also runs at normal idel until i accelerate. its been very cold here the last few weeks highs about 22F is the cold weather just causing this or do i need to start replacing parts.

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More than likely but you still might need to set the idle if you want. The thing I wrote about it is in one of the stickys on this subforum.
What rims are those from toy? I just noticed your new sig.
ScoobyRoo said:
What rims are those from toy? I just noticed your new sig.
It's in another post, but they are 1986 Mitsubishi Starion Turbo rims. 16x7 front 16x8.5 rear.
no i checked the idle screw it not that if i change it its becomes to low or to high when its running normal
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