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I'm chillin' - you chillin'?

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ME: Kevin

MINES: 1998 S-10 p/u, and a 1987 MR2


To the S-10: some audio stuff, K&N filter, Flowmaster Muffler, Pioneer DH-P5500, RF Amp (I dunno which model - 900W Max), Dash replacement speakers, Elemental Designs e10k.44 10" subwoofer, custom enclosure, Viper 791VX alarm system.

To the MR2: Besides tearing a bunch of stuff out, nothing - and it's not running yet, I just got it May 2004.
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Welcome to TN and congrats on your new Toy... hope you got a wikked deal on it if you had to tow it home :p:
Nope, I had to move it a whole 3 houses down and across the street
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