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I'm getting a pickup

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Hello everyone, names Quincy

Tomorrow I am having one dropped off at my shop! I'm really excited to finally get a little pickup. It doesn't run right now, a mechanic said it jumped time. I am not sure if it's true but I'll get it figured out. It's an 89 with 163k on it. A strange this is the valve cover says 22re but it has a carb. Another strange thing I noticed is the A/C compressor, the whole system is there and seems to be stock. But the compressor itself has a ribbed pulley and the crankshaft pulley is ribbed. What do you guys think about this, I am completely new to the 22's so any experience that you want to share will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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22REs are fuel injected.
22R/20Rs are carburated.
They probably changed it to carb if the valve cover says 22RE. Anywho, its a good motor regardless. Rebuild it and you will no doubt have a great daily vehicle. I dont know anything about the a/c so i wont comment on that but good luck to you
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