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I'm getting a Prius!!

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I drove my son's new '04 Prius, pkg. #8 in FT. Worth TX on 6/10/04 and it was absulutely fantastic!

1) Seats five adults comfortably
2) Computer, map, bluetooth take technology to the next level and they are easy to use. You can't get lost in this car!!
3) Air conditioning can be run while car is idling with no downside!! Car stayed cool in Texas heat.
4) Power! Excellent accelleration from dead stop, handles beautifully in traffic, smooth ride on freeway.
5) 50 miles/gallon in city traffic

I ordered one on 6/15 and will have to wait 8 mo - 1 yr!

$1500 tax deduction in my state.

I'm driving an '02 Ford Explorer Limited with all the bells and whistles. Love the power and convenience and comfort, but I get 15 miles/gallon!

I'm getting pkg. #9 and exactly the color I want.:lol:
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