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1994 Toyota Camry LE
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Hi everyone. I'm Kevin, and I drive a 1994 Toyota (duh) Camry LE Silver Anniversary Edition. It's essentially bone stock, with the exception of two steel wheels (the BBS wheels sustained some gnarly damage) and this awful Bosch alternator that makes the car's lights dim when I roll up the windows. I admit, I haven't been the greatest of owners to the Camry, but I've grown to appreciate it. Right now, I'm currently plotting out an engine swap while trying to keep the current engine alive just long enough for me to make enough cash to relieve it from its duties. I don't plan on building come crazy turbocharged Camry to slay the wicked or something; rather, I just want to build a modest, reliable sleeper that can hold her own against my buddies' B16A Civics and whatnot.

So, that's my story. As for me, I don't have many hobbies. I'm just a musician who likes his car a lot, I suppose. I enjoy long walks on the beach :D.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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