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I'm thinking of buying a 2001 MR2 Spyder

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Hey I'm thinkin of buyin a 2001 MR2 Spyder. I've found a couple i can afford in the autotrader that go for about 14-15k. My dad was worried about how hard it is to work on since its a mid engine and if it is expensive for parts. I am about to turn 18 in 2 weeks and im buying a car then, since my piece of crap 96' nissan 200sx (2 door sentra) is a wreck (literally). I've been lookin at a 2004 Cavalier LS Sport, red with silver rally stripes, 5 speed, 150 hp, for 13k. Its a nice car i test drove it an everything but im keepin my options open. I saw this car in the autotrader and it was in my price range an is an awesome lookin car but i have no idea about reliability, maintenaince costs, insurance costs, etc. I would really like to know because i dont want to buy a car that when i look at the engine im like wtf? All my family owns is chevy, my mom has a 2004 malibu, my dad has a 94' s-10, 97' camaro z28, and a 2004 corvette, so its easy to look at a chevy cavalier and know whats goin on under the hood. Toyota is chevys friend so i wont feel like im betraying to our tradition of chevys, like i did with the P.O.S. Nissan that was given to me that actually betrayed me lol. Thanks for the help.
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If you are looking for more pep.... go with a 91-95 MR2 Turbo. With a 2000+ MR2... you aren't really looking at too much for maintainance, insurance or problems with parts. It shares the 1zzge engine with the Celica and other Toyota 4cyls (i think the scion tc also got the 1zz). It is a Toyota.... so you won't have to worry about reliability. It will be harder to work on than almost any chevy you but though do to the design of the car.
as for reliability i think you will find the toyota to be is not that hard to work on common things,such as tune ups.every now and then you may say "god" how am i going to get to that.but then again you may say the same thing when it comes to the i think you should at least look at the mr2 and maybe test drive it to see how you like far as insurance i am thinking that it will be a little higher than the chevy due to the fact that it is a convertible.but hell insurance is going to be high on a 18 year old no matter what.but if your driving record is not that bad and you can go on parents policy you might be ok.:D
yeah insurance sucks. my insurance a month on my nissan for liability was 130 a month. i got a quote on the cavalier and it was around 320 a month for full coverage. im scared to know what it'll be for the mr2
DAMN!!! That is some pricey insurance. I pay $220 a month for my Supra and my MR2. MR2 is registered as a N/A though.... so it's not as bad as it should be.
get a toyota! dont buy a chevy!
Toyota. You get what you pay for.
i agree.....toyotas are very reliable and well worthe the money. Not to mention the handling of a mr2 and mrS far surpasses that of a cavalier. As for your insurance....HOLY HELL that's high!! I just got a insurance quote for both my 91 mr2 and a 93 supra TT that i may buy, it was about $2200 a year and i'm 22.
YEAH im happy! I got a quote on the MR-S and it'll be 280 a month so i can afford that, and i can get a loan for the car now since i have a joint account with my mom or somethin like that, so i'm goin to test drive one in about an hour. It's a 2000 MR2 Spyder, Red, Black top and interior, 5 speed, 40k miles, for $14,636. I'll let yall know how i like it!
Oh yeah! Can anyone tell me what that car gets stock in the quarter mile? Thanks!
JRocnMR2 said:
Oh yeah! Can anyone tell me what that car gets stock in the quarter mile? Thanks!
Around 15-16 seconds I'm assuming? Only a guess.

I'd take a spyder over a cavalier any day. Spyders are sooo much seckzier then cavaliers! :D
Car and driver quotes it at 15.6 seconds with the five speed, 16.2 with the semi-automatic
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