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Immediate plans for my gen 3.5...

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Well I'm gonna be a little light in the wallet after I pay my ticket off Wednesday, so here's a short list of what I plan to do (Now that I have an ok full-time job, I'm a little better with $$). It's very, very basic shit...

- red-out the amber portion of my tails, like I did to the gen2... I know about the clear trick where you put the lenses in the oven but a) I'm afraid to fuck em up and b) my mom would come after me with the meat cleaver

- Ebay shortram, after I clean out the engine ($40... can't go wrong... )

- GM Synchromesh (we're pretty sure the trans still has the original fluid in it, and at 153k that can be bad)

- Sony stereo, again nothing fancy, and I'm going sony b/c my friend works there (= discount)

-Possible clear turn signals (the ones in the bumper, not the corner lenses, which will stay amber)

-I go back and forth on guttermesh like every 15 mins, I may or may not do this but the car would stand out nicely...

- TRD shift knob, problem is that not too many knobs in general look good against my tan interior... IF anyone begs to differ or can point me in the direction of a nice one you're more than welcome to do so.

That's all for now
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short-ram.... uh... you kinda can go wrong with that... But that will change with peoples opinions, never fact.

Stereo, I might be able to hook you up with a sweet deal:) Personally, I wouldn't go Sony. Kenwoods and Alpine are the top. I love my Kenwood:loove:
try a clarion. drool. i have a DXZ845MC. the king of headunits thanks to music catcher! :p and see for yourself
aw man, if that's truly your mod order...hmm...

whatever floats your boat man. :p
UfoZ8myCow said:
whats that mean? you gotta start off with the little things... once you get to the main things (ie wheels/body kits/turbo) everything is gonna cost like $1G+ for that kind of stuff... If you do it right...
i like most of it. just iffy on the eBay short ram and the redding out of tails if it costs any money for him. i'd go for an eBay strut bar or somethign and maybe a whiteline swaybar.
Thanks for the stereo suggestions, I'm not really an audiophile but I appreciate good systems. A dude I know has an '00 Cougar that was setting off car alarms in the parking lot with the bass he was putting out. Got a nice, nice back massage :D

As for "whatever floats my boat," all I ask you keep in mind is that I'm a broke college kid who just wants his gen3.5 to stand out a little bit. That's all. (more or less b/c it's all I can afford:D) The red-out on the tails one of you asked about, I still have half a can of paint left from when I did it to my gen2 and the amber section of these lights is smaller (on the gen2 it was half the friggin light)

The short-ram is definitely a sound-oriented modification, btw; we all kno that you need K&N stickers all over it to add any power :D:D:D:D:D And Ufoz it is one shiny piece indeed!
^^^Oh, the money's gonna roll in decently now... scored a full-time job at Home Depot for the summer... too bad I still have to pay off the ticket and my dad (the agreement was he bought the car but I'm paying him off over time)

That's why my mod list is nothing remotely hardcore. Of course, I'd love a turbocharged, built 1MZ under my hood and an RMM front lip as much as the nexy guy, but as the saying goes... money talks...

Ufoz I can't wait to see that interior when it's done...

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