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This is what I ordered for my baby. I also ordered a matching shifter from nopi which hasn't arrived yet (and my #1 double strut bar and white blades/wipers) and I ordered clear bumper corners from . OK so I ordered at about 12am (sunday going onto monday). The transaction for WAS pending in my account but has yet to be withdrawn. So I wake up today (thursday) and BAM package on my front porch. VERY GOOD JOB IMOTORGEAR.COM excellent delivery time and to my susprise the transaction still has not been withdrawn. On the other hand the transactions from nopi and matrixracing went through and I received an email from ups today with my tracking # from matrix with an estimated time of arrival 'August 30th' but nothing from nopi... not one email. If you are looking for cosmetics check out the pedals were on sale VERY ON SALE compaired to all other places they were more than 20% off. I am a very happy customer who will return many many times. As for nopi a little email or something for reassurance would be nice. Matrixracing sent emails etc and ups tracking # so gj on keeping your customers informed.

GJ IMOTORGEAR.COM (like they will ever see this but who knows)

my uber smooth razo magnesium pedals (they say razo across the top but you cant see it in the picture I will take some pics later for those interested)
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