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it would be charged by the pallet something that big...

i'm in UK wanted to send a turbo, no manifold, just teh turbo to Australia

£59 for surface mail which can be anything upto 6 weeks

£70 for Air 3 to 5 days....

you'd be on the surface mail as a turbo around 8kg and engine much heavier....

one thing i got stung on was excise

£210 all in for a paddle clutch from L.A.
when it landed on my doorstep Customs added £47 onto as tax duty .... wait for it....

on the shipping AND the product....

it was wrong so they sent another clutch

£54 on as tax duty .... so they make it up as and when..

either way if its more than 20% cheaper after shipping it should be worthwhile

UK we import from Jap, US , and Australia as far cheaper than the UK

the same clutch was £500 + vat in the UK

check out DHL's website for an intimation of the costs as it will be a pallett

All the best


Bootsing the 165
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Maverick_09: there are lots of shops that have engine that are ship from japan. i think this we be much cheeper too.. it jsut a matter of doing research and knowing now/where to buy/

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thanks guys =)

and thank you TRD, ill have to check out those places!!

only reason im asking about importing prices is, as everyone seems to claim, i was talking to a guy that said he knew someone that might be able to get one at a cheaper price. Only prob is this guy would have to send from Japan.

This guys has built atleast 5 cars, so im assuming he has good deals with this guy. But we'll see what happens when S&H is added into the cost.

Once again, thanks.

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