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Import Fest 2004 Pics

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Import Fest 2004

I got a lot of pics but they are really big pics. 3MB per pic.

So, I will post 2 for now... I know a lot of you out there took pics.

So post them.

This is one of the hottest model there.

This is why I love TRD

I have so many other I want to show, but no where on the web can I post 700mb worth of pics
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I think your bandwidth got raped... page not available :(
yeah, geocities stops it after so many downloads
any where I can post them and share them? I got like 600 MB of pics
try msn..
just put it on imagestation. Make a account an acount and put up a album of ur pics.

P.S. Im your neighbour (sp??) :D
Really nice pics phi:thumbup:
^ yup.

It was displayed in a big trailer with small glass windows all around it displaying the words "Free peep show" on the side. Here's a short vid of it in the trailer
Vid doesn't work
U did click "1. Click here...." right?

For those just joining, the link is temporary. Don't complain that it doesn't work.
If anyone ever needs to host images, pm me I can host it for you.

Otherwise, looks like a nice event went down. :thumbup:

Oh yea and Phi nice find on those titties man those are huge! :thumbup:
I have a bunch more pics that I took on a CD but I have no place to host.

I am going to mail the CD to Ratko to host the images online as it would take weeks to upload on my dial-up connection.
Music @ Importfest

Did anybody happen to catch Liserious Labz @ ImportFest. I would like to know what everybody thought of the show. You can e-mail me at [email protected] or post here about what you thought. I would appreciate it!
re: importfest 2004 pictures

I am looking for pictures taken of the models during the fashion show? Does anyone have any good ones? or know where I could get some. I have a few of my own but they are pretty large in size.
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