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Import from US to Canada

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Hi Everyone,

I am interested in purchasing this vehicle brand-new "Toyota 2010 Sienna LE V6 8 passenger" from the US and have it imported to Canada. Anyone know of any good bussiness that does this for you? I live in Toronto.


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No dealer will sell brend new toyota to Canadian customer now. You can only buy 2nd hand
Be Careful

Just to let you know, even if you can get a new US Toyota, there are many other factors involved.

Check the GOC web site for import rules and things that have to be made right for Canadian laws....bumpers, Day time running lights, etc.

Then check to see if your warranty would be valid in Canada.

Once those things are checked and maybe some other things I don't know, go forward.

Check it out very carefully....maybe you have....
importing a car into Canada is easy. I import my Camry SE V6 brand new 2 years ago, and it was easier than I though. If I am allowed to import new now, I would buy my new Sienna XLE in the States and save some money. I ended up buying from local dealer here, and only save about CAD$1000.
Here is some good reading on the topic.

It should cover all the questions that you may have about importing a US vehicle into Canada.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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