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Impromptu Shoot...

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Whether people like it or not, I'll be powder-coating my wheels gold soon. This isn't the same shade of gold I want, but it gives you an idea. Love it or Hate it.

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i think the gold will look sick! very nice as always man.
UGH that thing is sexy homey
Wow haven;t seen the car in a while. The gold rims will look sick.
impromptu speeches sucks! :lol:

oh, nice pics! :D
Looks good man! With or without the rim change!
thats a sick G...god damn its sexy
will look baller with gold wheels :thumbup:
Yeah the gold will look good on your car.
Matches very well. :thumbup:
looks nice in the pic... hopefully the real thing will look good... y didn't you get gold in the first place?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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