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improved handling

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I have a 93 Camry wagon, which I love. However, I would like to improve the handling. Suggestions, sources for parts, etc., would be appreciated.
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Springs, struts, swaybar, strut tower bar.

Search next time. Imma let you off this time though.
though they make big differences in handling, before those should come tires
Replace bushings if possible too. I replaced the rubber bushings on my sway bar with poly-urethane ones and really felt the difference.
Obviously, I know that sway bars, shocks, and strut tower bars improve handling. I am looking for SPECIFIC information (specific source for sway bars, shocks, strut bar, hopefully from folks who have actual experience with the parts or vendors that they recommend).

Obviously, I already did a search of this forum and found little SPECIFIC information that was applicable to my SPECIFIC car.

I have already upgraded the tires and that change did result in a noticeable improvement. However, the car still has too much body roll and could be somewhat stiffer.
Whiteline for sway bar...
Tockiko struts.
Eibach/h&r springs. (I know im missing some)
Well what kind of handling do you want? If you want to ride on a rock there are different things we can tell you to buy.
What are your goals? What's your style?

You going all out, somewhere in the middle, or just want better responce on the stock stuff?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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