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This thread is for mechanics.
I fixed non-unlocking 3 doors(except driver door). Problem was in BCM.
Spent nothing! Found used 5 pin relay in my shed.
Relay is switching unlocking wire from BCM to fused +.
I had to keep unlocking wire attached to BCM because it was ground for locking.
So problem was BCM didn't send voltage to blue/black wire when it got switch signal for unlocking.
Relay is activated by voltage, sent to driver door actuator.
5-pin used relay
5 10" wires
5 single wire connectors.

I solved kind of close problem on my bike a few years ago. Kawasaki decided to combine a few relays together in one module ($120 new from a dealer), engine just stopped running because one of integral relays died. I installed external like today for Toyota.
Lucky me, I found all connector diagrams in Alldata
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