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In-Car Video ~ Hyde's 12.05 @ 117.50 @ Summer Slam

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This is an in-car video from Summer Slam.
This was just an open track run.

I "speed shifted" 3rd -> 4 on this run ... basically I shifted really fast while keeping the pedal floored. Notice how smooth Hyde seems on this shift compared to the others. Notice how little you here my BPV on that shift?

You can find the video here:
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lol all i heard was exhaust!
:eek: Damn I want an mr2
How much HP are you planning on Hyde?
Those were some fast runs.:thumbup:
Thanks guys :)

A-Yellow-MR2 said:
How much HP are you planning on Hyde?
A year ago I tuend at 308 rwhp @ 20 psi of boost.

I have been racing at 20-23 psi for the last few events.
I just installed a custom intake manifold and I am retuning the car this week. I am looking for 340 rwhp.

Later this year, I am doing cams, cma gears, fuel rail, larger injectors and an EMS ... will be looking for 400 rwhp then. :D

those are some nice numbers was wondering what kinda mods you have.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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