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In Channel Ventshades, yay or nay?

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I am looking at getting a set for my truck. I think looks wise the "in channel" ones look ok, but I have heard rumors that they create a lot of wind noise. How do these things mount? What do you think?
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I've had mine on for over 2 years, and no problems. No wind noise, and they are super easy to install. They adhere to the inside of the window channel... Keeps rain out when you want to have the windows cracked..... A must have in my opinion......
Run out right now and get them! You won't regret it! Slim design, a snap to put in, no problems! After you get your's you'll notice all the taped on ones out there that stick out ... not a good look!

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Work for me.

I've only had them a couple of months, but I have absolutely no complaints. I have had the stick on ones on other vehicles, and I think these look much nicer.
What are the point of those things? My Dads Avalanche had them and I see them everywhere, what is the point.
What are the point of those things? My Dads Avalanche had them and I see them everywhere, what is the point.
#1 - Summer day in a parking lot, crack windows an inch, little or no heat buildup.

#2 - Mild day, no need of A/C, (also with a little rain in the air) crack an inch, cool air.
What are the point of those things? My Dads Avalanche had them and I see them everywhere, what is the point.
I used to smoke, so they had a definate purpose on past vehicles. Hard to smoke with the windows up because it's raining. I don't smoke now, but I am still going to get a set for my Tacoma. If it has been raining and I want to roll my windows down (like at an ATM or drive-thru, etc.), raindrips right on the power window switches. That can't be good. Just my 2 cents.
i say yay...have had mine since i got the taco one of the 1st mods i did if u want to call that a mod:hammer:
Amazon is selling the Auto Ventshade brand DblCab 4 pc. set for $38.04 and free shipping.

I got mine a month ago and have had no problems.
first mod i did to my truck !!!!!
work great and provide great air flow in a reg cab !
all my other cars/trucks had wind wings, but they don't make them anymore ;-(

and i am just the right height that they do block the sun from hitting my eyes from the side !

when my buddy rode in my truck he giggled about them but once he was in and we were driving he asked how much and where ;-D

it gets up to 110 in the summer here so they work !
I have the inchannels and I like them alot, I have not had any problems super easy to install and you cant really beat that price from Amazon that is where I bought mine from.
Worth their weight in gold where I live;gets brutal hot in summer,got to leave windows open a bit to help keep heat to min.These conceal your windows being cracked open a little also keeps the rain out.
I agree. The In-Channel ones look a lot cleaner. However I opted to get the stick on ones. Since they do stick out more it makes it easier for me to flick my boogers out the window.:D:lol:
I've heard complaints about how tight of a squeeze it is for the window stock and when putting then inchannels in only makes it more of a strain on the window when trying to pull it out and into.. Heard it wears out the motor that's why I've not got any I've been looking around for some..
A must have IMO. I have had both. I think the in-channel look better, just make sure you follow instructions carefully as they are snug. And yes I have them on all my vehicles. I can't stand getting a lap full of rain when I open the window and it's pouring outside. Also lets you keep the window cracked for some air as well.
So what brands of these do you guys have? Who makes the best...making me think about getting a set
I bought these the day I Got my tacoma and I love them. I have let the windows cracked by accident when it rained one night and to my suprise the truck was still dry
Ive got the EGR in channels. I thougth I put them in wrong they installed so fast and easy. Last time I put these in were for a 92 Camry(new) and they were a royal PIA, cant remember the brand.

IMO the stick ons just dont look clean...and well stuck on......Chris
buy em! they rock. i have weathertech's. they are spendy but worth every penny.

Pics either of you?
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