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In need of JDM GT4 Vin# or part #

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I've got a contact in Japan that is willing to get me a front bumper from Japan Toyota and he needs either a part number for the bumper or a vin number. What I was wondering about is if anybody on here has a authentic GT4 or a carlos sainz front bumper. Having either numbers would be great. I am trying to do anything to change the looks of my 91 coupe and I think getting this bumper will be a great addition. Any help is appreciated.
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:D everything you need to know! :D
Thanks so much. I actually work in a toyota parts department and I checked the numbers and they are good. Thanks a bunch. What wows me is why they dont come up on our system. Maybe the fact of they are JDM parts and all. Oh well Im going to check CAT and get them on priority order. Thanks again.
Good news! I had everything ordered yesterday and first thing this morning they were all sitting in stock holding. So Im working and trying to piece out the original. So thanks again!
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