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in rear deckwill polk DB961 6x9's fit lid????

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will polk DB961 6x9's fit in rear decklid????? i know it can clear underneath since the mounting depth is 3 3/4 and the trunk bars are just under that, but top mounting depth i was scared, do to the tweeter height. Im ripping out the JBL system this week and need to know! also will polk DB6501 componets clear with the magnet? (for the front) like not hit window etc, i can buy 1/4 adapters so that isnt a issue i just want to make sure they will fit.... from what i measured its 2 inches from were the speaker would mount to the rear deck lid i asked a audio guy and he told me it should still fit even though its 3-3/16 top mounting depth :facepalm: this is so confusing i didnt plan on haveing to make custom stuff out of fiberglass to fit a speaker please help me out! and yea i will be amping this system!!!! :thumbsup:

thank you
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should fit, i replaced both front and rear speakers, i just bought adapters from a guy on ebay.
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awesome bro thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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