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Inalfa Sunroof ?

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I have decided to have a sunroof installed on my 2006 Tacoma Access Cab. I went to the Webasto dealer about 100 miles away and they suggested a Inalfa EVO Series sunroof. Has anybody heard of them? The price is about the same as is the warranty but they said it would work better on my truck. I went on line and couldn't find any negative feedback on the Inalfa. Any feedback would be appreciated.:confused:
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I'm about to put a Webesto in my Access Cab. Custom Soft Trim told me they wouldn't do it though because the sunroof doesn't open all the way. They demonstrated if for me. It stops about 3 to 4 inches before going all the way back into the roof.

The shade slide doesn't go all the way back either. So, even when the window is closed, you will still have about 3 to 4 inches of glass blocked by the shade. So, when you have the tilt engaged, you might not even get any air coming in.

In the Access Cab, this is the largest window they can put in. Webesto opens about 10". The Inalfa opens even less. They had both in their shop and showed both to me.

I think I am willing to forgive these imperfectiions. I've been wanting a sunroof since I got my truck. Have a 10" opening is better than no opening at all IMO.

The double cab models can handle a full-sized sunroof that will open all the way. But, since I have no plans to get one of those in the near future, I will just settle for this one. Maybe in a few years, Toyota will wise up and put them as an option in the Tacomas (at least in the double cab models).

Price??? $1199 + tax installed with a lifetime warranty.
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