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Ever since the first time I fueled up my '19 C-HR I've had this issue where it stops the gas pump about 3 to 6 gallons from full. The manner of stopping is as if it was full, but if I pump super slow I can get another 3 to 6 gallons so it can't be full.

Well, I filled up the tank Sunday and I only drive about 24mi per day plus I drove 140 miles Sunday. Then on the way home from work today I got a fuel light, 13mi to empty... Even though last night I remember seeing I had slightly less than half a tank.

When I refilled the tank it took 10 gallons and I could see the fuel peeking out of the tube. Odd... It normally takes 15 gallons at the pump... Then I look up the fuel capacity and it says 13.2 gallons...

Anyone else as confused about what the heck is going on as I am??

I absolutely love this vehicle and this is the only issue I've had with it (other than Toyota Entune which is barely a step up from Fisher Price in terms of operation and reliability, but that's all Toyotas).

Help please:(
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