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I bought this a couple of years ago and removed it from my 89 Honda Accord, before getting rid of the car. It has been sitting on a shelf ever since. It worked great when removed! This is a self amplified system, so all you need is a $20 8gauge amp wiring kit and you are ready to go.

It worked great in the Accord since it didn't take all of my trunk space and it still gave me that extra bass I was looking for. The Basslink will work great for other cars or trucks with limited space or for someone who simply just wants some extra bass in their car without the fuss of a seperate amp and sub box.

Unfortunately, I don't have the box or any of the paperwork for the Basslink, but the manual can be downloaded from the link below. Also, I only have the vertical brackets to go with the sub and one of the legs had a corner piece come off, but it can still be screwed down securely.

I can ship this, but it will be about $20 to ship due to it size, weight and packing materials. Pick up available in Evanston, IL. The price is firm, I'm in no rush to sell, since I could always use this in another car if no one buys it.

Sorry about the crappy picture, I'll try to get a better one with a real camera later... if there is any interest

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