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Info about the 4A-F motor

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Due to insurance reasons, i scrappd the Celica idea although it was so much nicer. I need a daily driver to help my insurance, not hurt it. Soooo this weekend im buying an 89 Corolla with the 4A-F motor (has the funny snout-looking intake and air cleaner). I was just looking for any general opinions or information about this motor. Things to watch out for really. It has 175K on it but its clean as can be, the motor runs like a top. It needs work (clutch, brakes, shocks, CV joints and tires) but ive already priced this out and its no big deal. Thanks for any info.
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Pretty sure the only thing they're somewhat known for is exhaust manifolds cracking. I could be wrong though. Other then that, maybe switch to high mileage oil but thats about it.
Alright will keep an eye on that manifold. High mileage oil wont be a problem of course. Thank you for your input. Anybody eles? Thanks in advance. :D
TTT. Guess ive got the only 4A-F Corolla. Seriously thought, any other things i should know about please drop in and post up. Thanks.
175K is a lot of mileage, have it tested for leak down or compression test. Last year I bought the same car with 180K on it, now its blow-by. By the way, anybody knows whether the cylinder head of a 4A-F engine is the same as of the 4A-FE engine? I'm planning to just replace the whole engine rather than overhaul it. Its cheaper!! THanks.:)
I'm planning to just replace the whole engine rather than overhaul it. Its cheaper!!
Unless the engine you're planning to replace it with is shot.
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