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Hello, I'm a new Toyota owner. I've been doing my own car work for 20 years and have gone to school for automotive tech, with high performance power train, and chassis fabrication specialization. I've owned my 2 door 2003 manual echo for about 8 months. I bought it for $500. This is my first import (I live in WNY) and I don't know alot about the Toyota game. Ive just turned 250k miles and I want to give her some love to last another 250k. I like the insane simplicity and lightness to it. Mine is also surprisingly low rust for where I live. I have some questions about reviving the powertrain. I'm torn between buying a parts car and just rebuilding the parts car engine to 0 miles factory, or doing an engine swap. I would be doing all the work myself, so labor isn't a concern. It's hard to find info on Echos. I deliver food for work, and this echo has been a godsend.
#1 priority- Price
#2 priority- MPG
#3 priority- reliable power
I'm willing to spend a small amount to go extra. From what I've seen, the new similar engines get 50ish mpg, at similar HP, which is sick. But, with a little love I could rebuild a stock engine with a few different parts, a low PSI turbo and get close to 150 HP, but closer to the original '03 MPG specs. I guess I'm just looking for experienced advice on a cost to mpg/performance perspective.
Thanks if you actually read all of this crazy long post and give some advice.
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