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True, but my CarPuter costs less and does more ;)

(I love hijacking spammers' threads)

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moderator please lock this buttheads thread

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.. There's a catch here, and I want to know what it is

found it:

What happens is you "buy" a collection of stupid electronic pdf files for 99 dollars. When 24 other people after you buy nothing for 99 dollars, you finally get your gift.. and then the person behind you waits for someone else to sign up.. etc etc etc.

How does this work?
When you purchase an eBook, your name is entered in a list to receive the gift that corresponds to that eBook package. When a number of other people equal to the cycle amount purchases the same eBook package, the first person on the list gets the gift. At that point, that person is dropped off the list and the person directly below them moves up in their place and the cycle starts all over again.

Is there any other way I can receive my gift?
You may completely skip the whole cycling process and receive your gift much sooner using our referral method. Instead of waiting for the people who came before you to cycle through, you may refer people to the website to purchase the same eBook package you did. When you do that, those people will be directly credited to you. You will receive your gift when the number of referrals reaches the number equal to the cycle amount for that item.

Are those prices for the items on your site?
The prices below the gift items are there to let you know the price of the eBook package associated with the gift item. THEY ARE NOT THE PURCHASE PRICE FOR THE ITEMS.

How do you guys afford to give out these gifts for free?
Take the following scenario: Based on a 10 person matrix at $24.95 for the eBooks associated with the Xbox.
10 * $24.95 = $249.50
Item cost = $149.95
Operational Costs est. = $50
Profit = $49.55
Now keep in mind that we pay for ALL shipping charges, plus we have to pay taxes, and administration costs including Web Hosting service, and the applicable fee to our merchant provider.

So basically, they're selling the ebooks to make this look like it's not a pyramid scheme (which it is).

Here's a run down:

1 person buys the AVH-P7500DVD for 99.00$
24 more people buy it
Person 1 gets his AVH-P7500DVD
Person 2 moves up to person one's place.
25 more people buy it
Person 2 gets his AVH-7500DVD
There are now 48 people in line.
Person 3 moves to slot one.
25 more people buy it.
Person 3 gets his AVH-7500DVD
There are now 72 people in line.

Get it?


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and you thought they will simply give that to you for $100?

but if u think about it, as long as people are interested in getting that system, those who've purchased earlier than the other people will have the advantage of receiving theirs much sooner. also if you could refer 25 (or 24?) people to purchase it you will receive yours right away

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it's called a pyramid scheme... some people may actually get the shit that they promise, but will you? probably not.
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