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RAV4.11mod 2.2D
History; 4x4 alarm came and went by it self the last 4 years. Dealer could not find anything except resetting alarms and noe clue what could cause it??? On our way home from holiday alarm came back and after a ferrybrake we where in real trouble; got it started but with low power running really rough on 3 to 4 cylinders, managed to get tha last few km`s home on the rigth rpm. Importend; there where no abnormal sooting so far in this history
The dealer workshop quicly diagnosed the issue to be the injector`sand kindly offered the job to 2500 euro`s
I did some research and found that it is quite normal to deliver injectors for overhauling which i did and got them back with testcertificate and everything.
Reinstalled and drove back to the dealer for reprogamming the new injectors combined with a new EU-periodic control as it was due.
It did not pass because of sooting gases...
I tried to run it for app 100km`s to flush any out if it would help but not
On my way home the 4x4 alarm came followed by engine alarm and sure just a litle after i lost power to emergenzy mode
Dismounted EGR, cleaned it (it was quite a bit) blankt it of, new test run same result, took out the blanks, testrun same result.
Airmass volume gauge: should be ok, nothing wrong with it before
MAP-sensor lines checked; no soot or any obstructions
Turbo: could suck a golfball through a gardenhose but whats on the pressure side i can not messure
Intercooler and air delvierly hoses; can not find any leaks but this is har to check but i believe i would have found any major
Question; Whats next? Back to the injectors?

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Unfortunenately there are few Diesel owners here but some decent mechanics. Wonder if a Commercial Diesel Shop could help vs a Toyota Dealer. The principles are the same. Can the injector pump be mechanically adjusted on those?
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