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Hi All,

I noticed a grinding noise in my 2002 Corolla a few days ago. I'm not much of a tranny guy, but I think it's an input shaft bearing problem. Here's the set-up:

1) If the car is running and in neutral there is no noise at all wether the clutch is pushed in (disengaged) or released (engaged).

2) If the car is moving with the clutch released there is a grinding noise. It grinds when the engine is turning the wheels and when the wheels are turning the engine.

3) If the car is moving and the clutch is pushed in there is no noise at all.

It's not super-loud, having a window open or music on can drown it out pretty good, which is likely why I didn't notice it earlier, but it's definitely a bad sound.

To me this sounds like an input shaft bearing issue. Am I correct? Looking for some opinions before I bring it into the shop (again, not a tranny guy).

Thanks all.


One sounds like a counter-shaft bearing as it's the only one not spinning while you are stopped in neutral.

I diagnosed mine by sitting in neutral, and pressing the clutch. You can hear the difference... at least with my car you could. When I pulled the tranny you could move the input shaft about a 1/4 inch!!!
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