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hi all,

new poster here. advance apologies if i should post this elsewhere and THANKS in advance for any help. i've read the general suggestions and forum rules.

anyway, i have a 98 tacoma 4WD and a tree limb fell on it so i have to take it to the repair shop and get an estimate. last time i had to do this i think i was about a hair's width away from having it declared a total loss due to the value of the truck versus the cost of the repair. this time i am thinking there is a 50/50 chance this will happen.

my /understanding/ at that time was that if they declared it total they would make me an offer - which i could accept or (somehow) argue against. i was also under the impression that if it /was/ declared a total that i could BUY IT BACK for some amount that they declared to be salvage.

i am wondering what the complications or implications would be in TEXAS or in other states if i kept the vehicle and it was titled as salvage. presumably it would be retitled in the insurance companies' name and i would have to RE-TITLE it? or i would have to bring it to the Department of Motor Vehicles and send the insurance company a copy of the salvage title or something?

i am going to check with the local toyota dealers' used car manager to see if i can nail this down but i was hoping someone may know some of the ins and outs of this.

also, if for some reason it was totaled and didn't want to buy it back - would i get to keep the tow hitch, cap etcetera since these weren't really part of the truck?

i tried covering this with my insurance company but they did not have very solid sounding answers and also it is a little premature for me to be asking. however, i need to be prepared to know what i am going to be driving over the next couple of months since i have some family issues i need to take care of.

THANKS for any insight or suggestions.

edit: truck has under 200K on the ODO and has been holding up pretty well. engine on this truck is supposed to last and every time i think about (trying) to get a used four runner my mechanic talks me out of it. cosmetically it is pretty beat up with a couple of no fault accidents recently. also the clear coat on the hood and top of two front quarter panels are coming off. other than that she's been a rock mechanically. what else? put new leaf springs on recently, new door handles and rear tailgate handle, new tires, new alternator....
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