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Installed 3" Toyec w/diff drop spacers; Just a question though

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Hey all, I have an 05 Taco TRD Off-road(double cab, short bed), and I just installed a 3" Toytec liftkit with diff-drop spacers, and a AAL.And I've kinda noticed that the front of the truck looks a little higher than the rear.Did I do something wrong? :confused: Or is it suppose to be that way?(It'd prefer if the front and rear are of the same height.)
But I haven't had any other problems, nor any vibration.So I'm happy, other than it looks like I've got some heavy ass stuff in the bed.:ugh3:
I'll be taking it in for re-alignment in a couple days too.And I'll take some pictures of it later today or when ever I get the chance.
Thanks :cool:
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AAL Install

Are you confident of the AAL install (orientation and location) and the placing of the spacers (above and below tower/spring)? I'm not saying you didn't do it right, just want to be 100% confident the parts are in their proper place.

Again, I am NOT flaming you for a bad install....

I am looking into a Toy-Tec and want to see all the issues folks are having...
I have the exact same kit and my front end appears to be slightly higher than the rear. Oh well.
I have the same kit, my front is a little lower than the rear. Are your springs on the perch correctly?
toydriver00 said:
I have the same kit, my front is a little lower than the rear. Are your springs on the perch correctly?
What cab and setup do you have?
06 AC 4x4 sport V6
Yea I'm 100% I've installed everything correctly.(Followed the instructions thoroughly)
But I don't think it'll hurt to re-look everything over.
I'm wondering if the Diff drop spacers is what's causing the front end to be a little higher?I mean I think there's only about 1/2" to 3/4" difference between the front and the rear.
I am also wondering if this has anything to do with short beds versus long beds?(Maybe different leafs in the back?)
I'll need to find a 100% level parking lot, and see.I don't think my sloped uneven driveway is helping any. :ugh3:
put a ball in the bed, let it go and see which way it rolls, or get a carpenter's level...

good luck and keep posting!
I plan on getting this lift and I hope that the rear is not lower than the front. Can you take a side picture of how it looks? I just am not into the look of having the front end being higher than the rear. Might have to settle with a 2.5" lift w/32's.
Hey, did you install Pro-Comp or Alcan AAL's? Maybe that's a suspect....

Talk to me...
1st_Cavalry said:
I'm wondering if the Diff drop spacers is what's causing the front end to be a little higher?
Possibly the Alcan is your issue. The softer riding Alcan may not hold-up the rear of the truck like the firmer Pro-Comp unit would.

Okay, I've thrown the first fistful of poo, my flamesuit is on.

Well my instructions says something about, "If you have Fabtech AALs or custom Alcans AALs, one end of the leaf is shorter then the other, from the centering pin hole."
Which it was, so I'm assuming it's either Fabtech, or Alcans AAL that I installed.
And hopefully today I can go take a picture of my truck.But I can't promise.
Good idea DaleClough.I'll bring my carpenter's level with me.
By the way, what is the Diff drop spacer for exactly?
Oh, and can someone with a stock double cab(TRD Offroad preferred, though I'm not sure it will make any difference), measure the width between the tire, and the wheel well.(Front and back)
And then someone with the 3" Toytec w/ diff drop go measure from the tire, to the wheel well.(front and back)
I'll try and find a level parking lot today, and I'll measure the distance between the tire, and wheel well and post it here.
ProComp also has a long and a short side. Usually the short side goes towards the rear of the truck (if my memory is correct). That may also have something to do with the un-level.

The diff. drop lowers the front differential in efforts to minimize the angle of the CV joint and boot. A severe angle causes premature wear of the boot and joint. Both are bad.

I'd like to hear your results of the level test...
Ok, here's is what I measured.Front is 8 1/2".Rear is 8 1/4" gap between tire, and wheel well.
So there's 1/4" difference.I've got some pictures, which I'll post here in a minute.

Last picture I leveled the wheels in photoshop so that you can see at what angle the truck tilts.Not very noticeable though if you ask me.But I'd prefer if the truck tilted forward more.I'm going to go re-check the AALs, and double check the instructions to see if the leafs are in right.But I'm 100% sure I did it right.
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Have you tried drawing grid lines in photoshop? I just tried it and the wheels and horizon look a tad bit off? Maybe not.. but the truck looks level pretty level with the exception of the rising fender line on the rear fender that gives an illusion that the truck is tilted forward?
Sorry for butchering yer awesome truck photo, I will remove if it does't help you.

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That looks damned good !! Nice job. I would think your front is going to settle a bit over time and 1/4 of an inch isn't donkey doo....It looks very close to level if not level. Why oh why do you insist on showing me pics when I don't have any more money to spend !!!! Then again, if you didn't show pics you'd be catching hell from all of us. Good job.
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