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Rav 4 2002 using existing radio/cd

and using an adaptor to convert speaker level
to line level to feed an alpine amp.

The amp is used in bridged 2 channel mode.
Then into 2 of 6X9's.

The amp ground wire is very short (1 foot) and
direct to bare metal in door sill,amp under
passenger seat.

When the car engine is not running everything is
But as soon as engine running there is a constant
low bass rumble noise from the 6x9's it's so
bad as not to be useable.

Please help with solution!!!!!!!!

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First unbridge the amp and run your 6x9 in stereo, next make sure your gains are set properly on the amp and the adapter. Check your ground and make sure it on the chassis and not the body of the car. If you ground where there is pain, scrape the paint off.
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