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Installed Bilstein shocks on my '97 4x4- nice!

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Finished installing the HD Bilstein shocks front and rear to replace original Toyo OEM's. Had to take off the front wheels to install the fronts, left the rear wheels on to install the rears. Pretty easy job, they ride great albeit a little firm. On the freeway at 75-80mph, rides like a new Buick! One piece of advice; when tightening the top lock nut on the front shocks, you will need to use a hex key at the top to hold the center bolt secure. Also spray plenty of WD-40 on the bolts in advance.

Got the set for $260 from, including shipping. Nice folks to deal with, fast shipping and good service.

Also got a set of new Michellin's LTX M/S "17 tires from Sams Club. Wow, no wonder my truck rides like a new Buick, these tires are sweet:)

Pics coming soon:)
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Glad you like yours too. I love mine, perfect ride for me. I like a firm ride anyways. Like you said though, they are smooth. Great shock. Good choice!!! Well worth the money in my opinion as well, can't wait for the pics
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