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Installed Donahoes tonight, I have a few questions about the sway bar though.........

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I installed the sway bar relocation bracket, but the sway bar is much closer to the right hand strut than it is to the left hand strut. I know it is a semi floating sway bar, but I have driven it for about 30 miles and it still is in the same spot. Is this normal? Should I buy the camburg sway bar to replace the factory one?

Has anybody ever removed their sway bars after installing coilovers? If so how does it handle? Sometimes the removal of a sway bar on a lifted truck with coilovers is desirable.
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Somebody has to have a clue. Please any help would be nice.
Did you make a note of where it was in relation to the stock shocks before you removed it? All the spacers do is move the bar forward to give the CO's clearance, I don't see how that could affect it's function.
when you insalled the dr's did you make sure that the spacer on the shock itself is in correctly. There is a short side and a long side. The short spacer should be on the back and the long spacer should be on the front. The stablizer spacer has a front and a back also. You want to space the bar forward on both sides.The bar itself should be centered on the frame before you tighted up the u brackets. I hope this helps.
Just make sure that the relocation brackets are holding the sway bar toward the front of the truck. Maybe try loosening the brackets to let things settle in a little? I still have my sway bar installed and might take it off to see how it handles for the hell of it.
Yes everything had been installed correctly. I just finished taking off the sway bar and it rides better without it, but it leans a little more in the turns. You know what though, I don't care because it is not a sports car and it is more important to me that it rides smooth since it is my daily driver.
sounds good, I'll try leaving out the sway bar now and see how it handles. :)
I am going to get an alignment next week after Xmas. How much of that positive camber can I get rid of. Is it possible to get to -1 degrees, or am I dreaming? I mean my camber is so bad now it looks goofy looking at the front tires.
I won't need to get Upper control arms will I? I don't see how those can correct the problem unless they are shorter and I know they aren't they are all the same length as OEM.
i was quoted an upper control arm with thoes coil overs...the guy said I would run into the suspension binding if I didn't get that. I don't know if that was for normal street driving or if I took it off roading...I could see binding happening a full susp travel.
You will not be able to get any negative camber. I think the best the shop could get my truck to was positive 1 deg. Looks a lot better. You dont need a UCA unless you want to raise the donahoes over 2.5" of lift.
where did you get it aligned Turtleboy?

By the way I think I am getting my wheels and tires from the same discount tire you went to. Some kid said he just recently put 285's on a red Tacoma with the same coilovers I have. Small world.
SinCityTaco said:
where did you get it aligned Turtleboy?

By the way I think I am getting my wheels and tires from the same discount tire you went to. Some kid said he just recently put 285's on a red Tacoma with the same coilovers I have. Small world.
I got a liftime alignment at the Goodyear shop on russell and rainbow, it was like $165. I bought my wheels and tires at discount tire on flamingo and decatur and had to get the lug centric balancing at the discount tire on flamingo and durango area. Go talk to a guy named Chad at discount tire on flamingo and decatur and he should make you a smokin deal, tell him Richard with the lifted red Tacoma sent you. I got my wheels and tires, mounted balanced, locks, new lugs and tax for like $1203.
Thats sweet man, thanks for the offer. I am friends with one of the managers at the one on Flamingo and Ft. Apache. I got the American Racing Mojaves and some 285/75/16 Nitto Terra Grapplers, they should be in in a couple weeks. I had to send my 295/70/17's back because they did not even come close to fitting. I also need to adjust my left front coilover up because it sits an inch low. I am also going to buy the camburg sway bar if they let me, so as that I do not have to have a crooked sway bar with the DR relocation brackets. I will let you all know how it works out. Damn holidays makes everything take for F*cking ever.
Yea, that discount tire is full of kids who love cars. Yea, 285/75/16's are just about the biggest you can fit before you start to run into major trimming issues. You should not need to order a new sway bar. If ya want, I can check everything out on your truck and you can see how my tires fit on my truck. Oh, another thing about the sway bar, did you make sure that the thicker side of those two things that go on the lower part of the strut are facing toward the front of the truck?
turtleboy , check out the post that I posted a few days ago. I asked the same queation. I did my lift myself, not hard, but the spacers do make a difference. I have no clearence problems with my parts. I was wondering if the sway bar was reinstalled correctly.;)
Yea Turtleboy I did make sure the big part of the bottom spacer was up front thats why I am like what the hell. You know I took off the sway bar the other night and I want to put another one back on. That would be great if I could check out your truck Turtleboy. When would you be available? And can you bring your spanner wrench to adjust the coilovers I left mine at the shop and the guy is out of town until after the first and my truck leans like piza.
i'll be back in town monday evening, so anytime next week will work for me. I'm gonna send you a PM.
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