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I love my new 2017 Prius 4 Touring and for the first three days text messages appeared on the screen with a option ignore, accept etc.

Now this doesn't work any more. I think it might be because I decided to install Entune App Suite because I wanted to get HD weather and a few other things not available without it (HD weather not available in our area without it), Pandora, etc.

Also, when I pressed the little mouth and say "Call Chris mobile," or "Text message Chris," the "assistant" microphone comes up and then says "the phone attached is able to be configured" or something like that.

These things had worked before. I tried taking entune app suite off the phone and it now will accept my command to call, but not to text. And the section with messaging is sort of grayed out.

Is there some way to go back to the beginning and totally uninstall Entune app suite from the car itself?

I'm using iPhone 6.

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