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Installed Magnaflow Tip

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Took my car to Pronto Muffler for them to weld my tip on. It's a 4" tip, I ordered a 3" one but they sent me a 4" one, so I just went with it. $40 tip $10 to weld

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is that the stock muffler?
yea i kept the stock muffler. was going for looks and not sound.
Damn $40 for just a muffler tip? Looks nice though :thumbup:
yea, thats pricey for just the tip, but looks coo :thumbup:
if all you want is show looks clean :thumbup:

thanx...yea Magnaflow is pretty pricey, they have tips that go up to or exceeding $70. I got it cause i knew itd be quality made and didnt want to settle with cheap on my car.

also didnt want a muffler and "try" to sound fast when everyone knows a stock 5s-fe cant beat crap
That's huge!!!!!

But then again, I have a 4.5" rice can sitting in my closet. Still haven't been able to get rid of it:(
looks good :werd:
Looks great. I'm thinking about getting a tip myself as seeing how well it looks on your car, and the color is the same. I would like to get a full out exhaust system but don't have the money. Again looks great!!
looks pretty good...mayb i should have done that instead of my catback...o well
u shud have changed the whole exhaust for 140 more
A bit pricey, but looking good.
that's a good lookin' tip. i had two of the same ones on my intrepid when i had my fake duals put on it.
i just noticed that you said you have an i4 but yet you have the v6 hubcaps... :dunno: :whatthe:
a94autoCamry said:
i just noticed that you said you have an i4 but yet you have the v6 hubcaps... :dunno: :whatthe:
yea i do have an i4, check out my engine bay on car domain.

my alloys are 14s, doesnt the v6 come with 15s
I had an Apexi WS exhaust and the tip was way too large for my taste, so I had it chopped off and replaced with a Magna Flow tip too for $20. I think it adds a nice look to your car. Looks better than stock.
Wait....You know me whiteR lol....Okay wait... Does this tip give you any HP gains???....Dude totaly i mean 50Hp on the tip? i am sorry but if i saw it in real life on any other car besides a camry(because i know you) i would probly make fun of the kid....and make fun of him more.....Okay if you go racing around with a tip on your car your rice....but i mean in some cases(some) if you just want a cleaner look i mean i could say okay to that....You know you could find a univesal muffler that looks clean i mean come on guys 40bux for something that adds looks...or 100bux for something that is going to add sound, looks, and open up the breathing of you car? plz can someone tell me why kids do that to there car? Not trying to be a total arshole just want to know why>:confused:
Absolute waste of $40.
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