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Installing Clutch myself?

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Is it possible or would I need to be specially trained and have special machinery? Do I need a lift or can I do it with a jack in my backyard? Does it take more than one person? How hard is it and where can I get directions? I don't really want to pay 4 times as much in labor as it cost for the part itself (4-500$) if there is a way I can do it myself. I like to do all my own work on my car as much as I can, and I'm trying to get an idea if I can do this or its better to just get a pro. I can find good prices on stock clutches and even aftermarket ones on ebay, but mechanics around here only use parts they order themselves. And I know, much to my dismay, that they will probably not get it from a place with the best prices.
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it can be person, but on a scale of 1-10 it's maybe a 7 (to me that is lol). You need to hold a jack, loosen all the bolts, lower it..take it out..remove new clutch, install new one, put it up..etc. Oh yeah don't forget to drain the tranny oil first lol.
I agree it's a 7/10. You need proper tools and a good clean place to work. There are quite a lot of steps. It's the kind of job I do myself on my own cars but I wouldn't do for others because of the amount of labor and fuss involved. I know it would take me a lot longer than the pros. Basically you have to remove the wheels, driveaxles, support the engine and remove some mounting brackets, disconnect a bunch of stuff, remove a sub-frame and the transmission, remove and replace the clutch, and then put everything back together again.

For instructions, a Haynes manual will do. You should check out this Autozone link for a 7th gen to see what's involved. 8th gen won't be any different in the amount of work required.
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mechanics will use customer supplied parts, but they will tell you they have no liability on any failures related to parts because of that, at least if your talking to a mechanic who likes making money

i thought doing a clutch in these cars was pretty easy, but i have 6 years of mechanical expierence under my belt, so i guess im baised

simple hand tools is all you need honestly

you dont NEED to suport the motor, i let mine hang it was fine, but most people would recomend that you do support the motor

its pretty straight forward, if you can allow some down time to work on the car without rush, i would say go for it, take your time and be careful, the hardest thing is pulling off that subframe brace, at least it was pretty tricky for me, but that might have been because i was trying to do the job without removing that, and 2 other motor mounts
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