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Installing LED door sills

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I dont understand what they exactly mean but under the door sills with the wires...does this mean there the wires are already there and I just have to connect the new ones to the old ones and whalla?

Thank you

These are the instructions:

Installation instructions
As you lift the stock door sills, you can see a bunch of wires inside, the transformer for the door sill lights should be connected to a 12V wire and to the door sensor.

The door sensor connects to ground as you open the door and stays at around 9~11V when the door is closed. The wires for the four doors are color coded as:

Front right: Red Green
Rear Right: Red Yellow
Front Left: Red White
Rear Left: Red Black (There are 3 red&black wires, only one of them will work properly)

The 12V wire is blue yellow in color and it runs from the passenger side door to the rear left door then across to the rear right door. So the driver door will need an extra connection from the rear right, this can be done with an extra piece of wire linked to the rear right 12V wire and just run it to the front.

On the transformer, the red is to be connected to the 12V and the black is to be connected to the door switch.
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