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Hey guys,

My big ass supra TT rotors are about to be put on along with some V6 calipers.

Heres the question.

I need to remove the old calipers and put on the new ones, so can I just let all the brake fluid drain out and then refill with the new calipers installed and then bleed?

My concern is if I drain all the brake fluid out of the front, does it also take the brake fluid out of the rear, meaning that I would have to bleed the drums? I DON"T WANT TO MESS WITH IT IF I HAVE TO BLEED THE REAR!

Or are the two systems seperate and I can drain just the front brake fluid with no problems?

Also, How much brake fluid do I need to refill it when I'm done? Any recomened brands?

Thanks guys, pleanty of pics to come!

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you can get a hose clamp so only a lil bit will drip out. i think they cost like 4$ tops if you don't wanna do that. you'll have to bleed the fronts again. and there's a max line on the resivor so just don't go over that.
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