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Installing Short Ram Intake

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Hey Guys, I was just wondering if anyone could help me out! I just got an Short Ram Intake for my b-day and was wondering if anyone knew how to install it into a Corolla 2002. I wanted to put it in myself by not sure how too?!!? Please let m know ASAP if anyone here does.. thanks!
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Try a search.... Not sure if there are any directions for your specific car, but here are some:

Unplug any sensors in the intake pipe.
Remove stock air intake, trying to keep it in good condition in case you want to sell the car later, or don't like the new intake.
Put new intake on, should fit right in, just tighten down the clamps or bolts or whatever.
Put sensors back into new intake pipe.
You may have to drill a hole or two in your new air intake for the sensors..... It would be best to do so before you put the intake on. It may have the holes already.
It's really simple, shouldn't need to do anything else. If anything goes wrong, post on here, and somebody will help you.
Let me know how it turns out.... And let me know what you think of your new one compared to stock.... Thanks and good luck.
Thanks for all the help guys!

But I got one more question... The guy that sold me the short ram intake (the one they gave my friends) the parts did not fit. I was just wondering if it suppose to go like this:

(1) Car Pipe->Adapter->ShortRamIntake Pipe->Adapter->Filter


(2) Car Pipe->Adapter->ShortRamIntake Pipe->Filter

Because I went back into the shop and tried to get the right size adapter for connecting the car pipe to the intake pipe. I'd told him that the filter was too big and he said that I could use an adapter for the filter as well (i.e 1 method) but I didn't think it was right. I thought it was method 2?... PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHICH METHOD IS RIGHT?
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Anyway that you could get it to work would be good...
Mine goes like this....
Car Pipe->Coupler->ShortRamIntake Pipe->Coupler->Filter
Hey! Okay guy, I just got my Short Ram Intake installed last night and it sounds GReAT.. but one problem.. this morning.. I started up my car again and the Check Engine Light turned on.. can someone please help me.. as well... i have a harder time starting up my engine now as well.. Can someone please help me ASAP
Did you reattach the air flow sensor?
yah.. I took it off the stock and put onto the new piping.. we cut holes to make sure that it fit the air flow sensor and the vacum pipe
There's always a chance that there's something else wrong with the engine.... but most likely not..... so i would guess you either didn't attach or detach something correctly. or the ecu is having trouble reading the sensors for some reason.
Doesn't the 1ZZFE in the Corollas come with an AFM sensor??:confused: I'm not sure... if it does, you would need an AFM adapter.
Well let me tell you guys how important it is to have the sensor face the right way so that the air flows through. :bash: :bash: :bash: :bash: ... My bad guys... Just cause of a minor thing like that can cause so much trouble. But thanks to all those that helped out with my install... sounds AWSOME! THANKS! Will post pictures up soon to show you what it looks like. :respect:
Congratulations on figuring out your problem. Those pics will be cool. What brand of intake do you have?
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