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Installing Sirius Satellite ??

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I have a 05 Corolla XRS... anyone know the best way to install the SIRIUS ONE SV1 - PLUG AND PLAY TUNER in the car.. thanks any help would be appreciated
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Maybe try asking in the Audio, Video, Security Forum.
Do you mean where to locate the pieces or how to connect to your radio?
really just placement of the antennae.. .. because of the xrs corolla's antannae up on the top of the back of the roof..
I ran mine behind the dash and it is placed up at the center of the front windsheild on the dashboard. Perfect reception, no holes drilled to get it outside the vehicle.

hope this helps.

got a 2005 ce model..i ran the wire behind the dash towards the pasenger side and underneath the door sills all the way through the trunk. the antenna sits on the trunk close to the back window..looks good with no wires hanging anywhere.
Thanks guys... I was wondering where to put the Sirius antenna on my 99 rolla. Bingo
i did a 2003 corolla install today.

i put the antenna in the same hole as the stock antenna. I dropped the headliner from the edge, which was a pain, but not impossible.

super clean install, and less wires showing.

i installed sirius sportster replay for my wife.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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