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Installing Sirius Tuner using 2009 factory sat antenna...

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I'm in the process of installing a Sirius tuner in my 2009 using the sharkfin adapter antenna wire to the factory sat antenna hookup in the drivers side kick panel. For those that have done the same thing, could you provide any advice on how to route the wire up to the stereo location? So far, I'm coming up empty on finding a route up to the area behind the radio/ac controls although I'm probably overlooking something obvious. :headbang:

Any help would be appreciated! :)
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Easiest way is to pry the climate contol panel off and pull the wire through the opening, then reinstall the panel. One issue you may discover if you are planning to play the Sirius through the factory aux input... the gain on the input is very low. With the output on my XM XPress RC set to max the volume came out way lower than when playing FM or CD. Actually too low for open window listening. I ended up getting the direct connect FM modulator. Had to pull the radio to hook into the antenna but it solved my problem. Sound quality is as good or better than through the aux. Good luck.
Thanks...I finally oriented a small flashlight in the right direction to find a path to run the wire! :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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