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This is what Cam wrote up a while ago. I saved it on a Word document.

2005 Tacoma-Writeup on door panel removal
I posted this as a reply to a post, and I think it would be more useful to others as a new post.

To remove the door panels, first unscrew the two screws in the panel. One in the door release handle, the other in the armrest handle. You will have to remove the sail panel(plastic panel where the outside mirror is opposite of)
IMPORTANT: When removing this sailpanel make sure to take out the white clips afterwards. If you try to snap the panel back in with them still in the door you will end up pushing the white clips down into the door. So take them off and place them back on the sailpanel, then reinstall sail panels.

Remove the anchor plug on the door panel that's under the sail panel.

Roll down the windows.

Once you have the sail panel, screws and anchor plug out you will seperate the door panel from the door starting at the bottom rear of the panel. You can just pull them off with some force, or if you have a door panel remover tool(like a v ended screwdriver) use that.

Once the doorpanel is loosened pull up on the entire assembly and the panel will be off the door.

Roll the window back up.

Disconnect the two plugs that the power windows and door locks are connected to. Now the panel will be completely detached.

The access cab and double cabs use 6x9 speakers that are built into a plastic baffle.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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