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insurance rate question

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I had a simple question about how the insurance people view Solara's and Camry's.

say your monthly 6 month premium for a 99 camry v6 would be 1000$ ( using round numbers) and say your upgraded to excatly the same car but a Solara. would be a dramatic increase? slight ? or maybe none( hard to believe)

For use camry owners we all know its the same car, same engine everything just 2 door.

A Solara when i look at it fits more in the range of a sporty coupe. Just a little bigger and everything. But do insurance rates things Solara should pay the same prices are a celica or should they pay camry like prices. Because thats how i see a camry, a cross between a camry and a celica.
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you would prolly want to call an insurance company any ask them about the rates b/w a camry and solara, i think they will tell you. Dont just call one either, shop around and find the best price.
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