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Intake 07 Yaris

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Has anyone put an intake on their yaris Sedan? I bought an aftermarket one that is universal and you buy components and assemble for a custom look, but after installation the car would start and run for a minute and then studder and die like it had a vacum leak. So...I took it off and made sure there were no leaks, it ran longer but did the same thing. Is this car already getting as much air as it can handle or what?

I want to upgrade the intake and make it unique. Plus a few more ponies and a few more MPG, sounds pretty good. Anyone got advice?

2007 Yaris S Sedan, US Specs 1.5ltr, no other modifications.
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this car is a piece of shit! sorry! had it as a rental and absolutely hated the thing! i thought the "s" was the nicer more sporty one? one thing though, it looks g00d!! well atleast the front end!
Thanks Cheese

Thanks that was very helpful. Now does anyone have some real advice for the issue at hand? :naughty:
make sure you reset the ecu, take the battery off the terminals for a few minutes should do it, when i did mine, i left it for a couple hours actually.

does your yaris has maf? you need a maf adapter for aftermarket intakes.

Mass Airflow Sensor? Yes it has one. I have the adapter in place for it. My concern is that the stock unit has the MAF behind another cloth like filter that is not replaceable and may tend to cut the airflow across the MAF down by design, which may make the car ECU believe that there is no filter in place when the aftermarket intake is in place, not sure though. I will try disconeccting the battery, because it can't hurt.

Another thought on this theroy, I was trying to reset the Maint Req light (oil change light) when everything that I did, and the dealership said to do didn't work I disconnected the battery terminal and left it over night, this did not reset the light, I wonder if disconnecting the battery terminals will work for this or not. I guess we shall see. Thanks for the help.
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Rice, I tried the reset & no go!! Thanks for the suggestion though, it is much appreciated. I guess I will just have to either wait until they put one out from K&N or go to the dealership and bend over.:cool:
Anyone who have heard of the Toyota 07 Yaris? I think it's Toyota's latest offering for 2007 as their way of thanking their customers for the support.

Toyota 07 Yaris - Get the Toyota 07 Yaris Catalog by Toyota Motors
from what i've seen it our forms intakes for the 2007 yaris hatch and sedan have been giving people trouble. Even the brand name ones like aem, trd etc. these cars are funny. You'll have to play around with the intake. So far no one has found a reason why it act up like that.
Just go and grab your self one of these ... for sure it will work!

here is the info on it

Part Number PTR03-52070
Part Name Cold-Air Intake
Part Type Cold-Air Intakes
Part Weight (lbs) 4
Part Manufacturer TRD

Continuing the tradition of quality performance enhancing parts,TRD is now offering a Cold Air Intake system for all Yaris Models. The TRD Cold Air Intake features include:- Mandrel bent aluminum tubingthat allows for smoother air flow into the engine increasing both horsepower and torque. Up to an 8 percent horsepower improvement over stock air boxes.- A reusable high-flow , low restriction air filter.- A patented bypass valve that opens if the air inlet ingestwater saving the engine from water damage.

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Weapon-R makes the Dragon Intake and Secret Weapon Intake for the Yaris. It's their newest app. You can read about their intakes here:
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